Monday, June 24, 2013

Chapter Twelve-Going The Distance

         I kept walking through the forest in no particular directions just as long as it was far away from the castle. It was difficult moving through the forest in the dark and I ended up tripping several times. My determination to get as far as possible made me ignore how frustrated that I got when I tripped every few minutes. The whole time I moved through the dark I kept looking over my shoulder wondering if I was going to come across any predators out here. I wasn't too sure what could be out in these forests but at the moment I would rather face that down then Lucia or Charlie.
         I was so focused on how far I could get during the night that I just barely noticed how clear the sky was. Each star seemed to shine brighter than any that I've ever seen before. The moon was bigger here than back home with its white light cutting through the tree lines giving some light for me to travel by. There was a shimmer across the night sky from where there was a milky way. I would admire how beautiful it was more if  I wasn't so busy trying to get as far from Charlie's castle as possible. The only thing that truly butted in to my mind as I continued moving through the forest was hoping I didn't run in to anything nasty out here. Katherine is right about how I wasn't sure what I would come across out here. For all I knew I could come across some kind of creature that I wouldn't know how to handle. Even worse there could be something out here hunting me right now that I couldn't see. If I stopped for a moment to worry about what could be lurking around me I was sure that I would probably have a panic attack.
           As the sun started creeping up I began to wonder if any one had noticed that I was missing yet. What would Lucia do when she came to get me for my lesson only to find that I'm not there? I didn't envy any one near her when she finds me gone. I most definitely didn't envy the person that had to tell Charlie that I was gone. Who knows what he would do to the messenger? As bad as I felt about what is going to happen when Charlie learns that I was gone my need to get as far away was stronger. I wasn't sure why Charlie needed me to create portals in to my world but I refused to help him. After everything that had happened helping him was the last thing that I want to do. 
         My eyes were burning from being up all night and I could feel the bags that had formed underneath them. My legs were sore while my back felt stiff from walking all night long. How exhausted I felt right now reminded me of the journey that I took with Will back when I first got to this world. This time though I was sleep deprived as well. With barely sleeping very much over the past couple of weeks my body wasn't in the physical shape it needed for all this walking I was doing. There was also the fact that my back was still healing from the burns that Lucia had caused. Physically my body felt like it was running on empty and was in need of a long nap as well as a big meal. As tired as I was I couldn't stop just yet. I had to keep going to get as far as I possibly could. The world around me seemed to tilted ever so slightly when the sun was fully up in the morning sky. At the moment the only thing that was keeping me from falling over was my will power. The drive to be free from Charlie was the only thing giving me energy to keep going. The need to be with my parents again kept each of my legs moving forward. I knew at some point I was going to have my body shut down to keep me from going any further because it needs to rest. I just wanted to get as far as I possibly could before that happened.
         I was pretty startled when I walked out of the tree line to come face to face with a river. The river was a good two miles across with no visible way across going in either direction. I was glad that the water moved calmly which meant that I could just swim across if I didn't find any other way across. I began walking along the river in hopes of finding a bridge or even a massive tree that had fallen across. I had barely walked a mile before I suddenly felt my legs give out from underneath me. My legs felt like they were lead surrounded by jello and each time I tried to stand up I fell back down. I could feel my heart pounding against my chest and as I was lying on the ground the world steadily began spinning. This was where my body was finally giving out saying that it needs rest. I was really hoping while I was out cold that I didn't have something or someone that would be a danger to me finding me.
         My heart rate sky rocketed when I saw something moving out of the corner of my eye. I turned my head to face the river. Climbing out of the river was a serpent that looked like it could be the size of a horse if not a little bigger. There were two small horns just above its eyes that were a very bright green. I watched as it pulled its self forward with two clawed feet. When it sudden spread out two massive bat like wings shaking water off them I could feel my heart skip a beat. It's grey scales glistened in the sun light as it's thin tongue darting in and out of its mouth. I really hoped that this thing was friendly. It took the creature a minute or two to notice me lying there on the ground. I steadily inched closer to me either thinking it has a free meal or was just curious about me. Black spots began dancing around my vision just as the creatures head was right over mine. When everything went black I was praying that this thing didn't decide to eat me.
        The whole time I was unconscious I kept seeing images of Charlie and Lucia. Each time I saw Lucia she was chasing me each time catching up to me before biting in to the back of my neck. I could physically feel the pain as her teeth punctured my skin. As she drained blood from my veins I could feel my body become weaker and colder. I was literally dying. The times that I saw Charlie I would see him standing over a massive pile of bodies blood sprayed across his face. I recognized several of the people that were in the pile in front of Charlie. I saw both Will and Liam each looking like they had been stabbed so many times that all their clothing was just a scarlet color. Even Liam's younger sister was in that pile her eyes staring wide open at the sky. I felt my heart drop when at the very top of the pile I saw my parents. They each had their throats slight and looked like someone had taken a meat cleaver to their heads. This couldn't be what's waiting a head of me. I refused to believe that all this death was going to happen.
         When I felt my eyes opening I was surprised to find that I was actually alive. I had blink a couple of times for my eyes to adjust to the low light. When I was able to see clearly again I saw that I was lying in a cave that had holes in the ceiling letting in shafts of light. I steadily sat up groaning slightly as I felt the sore muscles in my back and the scabs cracking on my back. Looking around the cave I saw several small bones scattered across the area. So the creature that had found had brought me back here but chose not to eat me. Why had it kept me alive? Was I meal it was saving for later? The bigger question was where was the creature.
         It took me a minute to get to my feet since my legs were still a little shaky. When I was sure that I was sturdy I took a few steps toward the entrance to the cave. I had only taken a few steps forward when the creature suddenly appeared. It looked at me for a moment or so before it moved a little closer to me. I could feel my heart pounding in my chest as it got closer. I wasn't sure what I was supposed to do. Should I fight it so I can get away or wait to see what was about to happen? I was surprised when it lowered its head at my feet and a couple of apples dropped out of its mouth. As soon as the last apple hit the ground I moved past me lying down in the center of the cave watching me. I wasn't sure what to make of this. Had this creature actually brought me some food? Was this just some kind of trick? Could I even be dreaming all of this?
         I made sure to keep my eyes on the creature as I bent down to pick up one of the apples. I noticed that as the creature watched me there were hints of intelligence behind those eyes. I very much doubted that there was a typical intelligence of a creature that lives in the forest. In fact it felt more like it may have the same intelligence level of a human. When I bit in to the apple I half expected it to be poisonous but all I tasted was it sweetness. Juice from the apple trickled down my chin and my stomach growled demanding more. In a matter of minutes I managed to eat every apple that this creature had brought me. Why would this creature want to make sure that I had food?
        The creature had even made sure to bring me my pack in here. I picked up my pack inching closer and closer toward the entrance to the cave wondering if this creature was going to let me leave. I sighed with relief when I was able to leave the cave without it attacking me. When I was a good distance from the cave I turned my back to walk away hoping that it doesn't come after me. I had barely walked a mile when I heard movement coming from behind me. Looking over my shoulder I saw the creature following after me. It wasn't charging after me like a wild beast. It seemed to be following me more like it was a lost puppy that had just found the human it wanted to bound with.
         "I've got the feeling that I'm not going to traveling alone for a while." I sighed.
         I jumped when I saw it shake its head as if it was answering no to me. "Can you understand what I'm saying?"
        It nodded its head watching me intently. We kept eye contact for a while before I sighed motioning my hand for the creature to follow me. I was really hoping that letting this creature follow me around wasn't going to be a decision I was going to regret. At least now I wasn't traveling alone but I wasn't sure if this thing was following me because it was hoping to kill me when I was watching. Then again this creature could be the equivalent to that of a dog back on my world that only really attacks people if they are provoked. Most dogs back home that are remotely vicious usually are that way because some human has mistreated them. I was hoping that this was the case this time around and that this creature wouldn't hurt me unless I hurt it first.
         I wasn't sure where I was any more but at the same time I was really hoping that I wasn't getting any closer to Charlie's castle. I may be lost right now at the same time I was glad I wasn't back there any more. I wasn't too sure how long I had been out cold for but it looked like me that it was only a few hours in to the day. I had only been walking for about an hour before grey clouds rolled in and a light rain began to fall. Even though it was raining I kept going thinking that at least it wasn't a full blown storm. I just kept my held down trying to watch where I was going wanting to keep going forward. The creature and I walked for several hours through the rain and by then I was soaked. I didn't stop till suddenly I heard the creature following me begin to growl deeply. Slowly turning around I saw the creature baring its teeth a deep rumble coming from its throat. I guess I had a made a mistake letting this creature follow after me.
         As I stood there wondering what I should do now I noticed something. The creature wasn't looking at me. It was looking past me at something that was behind me. Turning back around I wondered what could be there that was making this creature act this way. Sure enough looking around I noticed something that didn't look quite right. There was what appeared to be a gap between the rain and the ground. It seemed that the rain was hitting something else rather then the ground. There was definitely something there that was a danger to me and the creature behind me saw it before I did. Maybe I might not be wrong about the creature following me.
        I let out gasp when the creature jumped over my head it's wings spread out slightly. The creatures mouth was wide open showing two long thin fangs the length of my forearm that folded out like a cobra. I watched as it landed on top of the thing that the rain had been falling on. As the creature wrapped its self around the thing the air shimmered ever so slightly before what was there became visible. What I was looking at looked like a panther you would find in the jungle back home. I guess it developed the skill to become invisible as a way to survive and hunt prey. I watched as the two trashed around biting and clawing at each other. The air was filled with the sound of them snarling and growling at each other. In a way it sounded like they were throwing around insults in the process. All I could do was stand there watching with my jaw wide open the realization of the creature following me was trying to protect me right now. I finally shook my head knowing that I had to do something to help this snake like creature following.
         I pulled on the powers that Lucia had helped me in learning and pulled the water falling from the clouds in to a ball in my hand. I quickly pulled the water in to three separate orbs then quickly chilled it so they were all balls of ice now. I made sure to carefully aim before launching the balls of ice forward. One of the balls of ice hit the cat square in the face dazing it. The second hit it in the right shoulder and the third ended up going wide hitting a tree. All it took was that moment I dazed the cat and the creature managed to sink its fangs in to the cats neck. The cat let out yowl thrashing around several times before going completely still. When the creature was sure that cat was dead it released the cats neck letting it fall to the ground limply. The creature unwrapped its self from the cat coming over to my side as if it was checking to see that I was all right. I reached out my hand feeling quite nervous about this but I relaxed when it pressed its nose in to my hand. The creature closed its eyes and to my surprise it actually began making a sound that seemed like it was purring. After everything that I've been through it seemed like there was a chance that I may have found someone, even though its a creature, that has my back. Someone that isn't wanting me around because of something I can do for them.
        "Is it all right if I call you Cloud?" I wondered.
        A smile spread across my face when it opened its eyes looking at me for a moment before nodding its head. Together we continued on through the rain leaving the corpse of the cat behind for any hungry predators in the area still lurking by. At least now I wasn't traveling alone. Maybe this way I'll have a better chance of getting back home to my family. I wonder how they will react when they see Cloud. I could see my father going for a shot gun scared that Cloud would hurt his family. My mother on the other hand would most likely try to put herself between Cloud and me. I guess I won't find out till I actually get home and whether or not Cloud would follow me to another world.

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