Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Chapter Nine-Eureka

         Weeks went by without any real success in me making that darn ruby hover. I was now in constant pain from the number of times I've been electrocuted. With the number of times that Lucia has hurt me with the lightning there were now burns on my back appearing. When I went to bed I would have to either lay on my side or my stomach because of how painful it was to lie on my back. Each night Charlie would come to my room to put something soothing on the burns on my back. As repulsive as it was to have him touch me the last thing I needed was to get an infection from the burns on my back. At the rate I was going by the time I managed to escape from here I was going to have quite a few scars on my body.
            Even now as I was lying on my stomach in bed listening to the rain hitting the glass on the balcony doors I just wanted to scream. I was so tired of Lucia hurting me just to get me to somehow manage to use magic. I was tired of Charlie pretending to be nice to me as because there was something he wanted from me. As crazy as it sounded I was beginning to miss Will even though he wasn't the most welcoming person. Being here I missed my parents all the more. I thought about them constantly really hoping that they were all right. I kept having nightmares about how I would get home just to find them dead. Each time I had this nightmare I would wake up gasping for air my body covered in a cold sweat. I knew that I needed to get some sleep but I don't want to close my eyes only to have that nightmare again. I usually just end up passing out because I can no longer keep my eyes open. Tonight with the thunder outside it made it pretty hard for me to fall asleep. The storm raging outside at least made sure that I won't be having that nightmare any time soon.
         I kept staring in to the flames that were roaring in the fireplace trying not to thinking about the lesson with Lucia I was going to have to endure tomorrow. I wasn't sure if Charlie's instruction to not getting me killed was going to be followed for much longer. At the rate she was going she was probably getting quite a bit of pleasure from electrocuting me so often. There were times that I was very sure that I saw her smiling as I laid on the ground squirming in pain. I would just walk up to slapping her across the face if I wasn't sure she would most definitely beat me to a pulp for doing so. I didn't need any more injuries than I all ready have right now.
         Knowing that I wouldn't be falling asleep any time soon I slowly rolled out of bed to go sit before the fire. I had several small rocks I had found while sitting underneath the willow. Ever since Lucia had began to use her torture tactics to teach me to use magic I've been trying to do it in my spare time. Maybe when I finally am able to at the very least be able to make a small object hover she'll stop using that damn circle. So on nights that I can't sleep I sit here staring at these little rocks praying that they will just twitch at least.
         Why are Charlie and Lucia so determined to get me to learn how to do this? Lucia said that she was able to see that I was capable of doing this including creating portals between our worlds. Yet before about a month or so ago I thought that magic only happen in stories and the movies. I thought that magic was something you believed in only when you were a child because you thought Santa and the Tooth Fairy existed. How was I supposed to do something that I wasn't even sure was real a short time ago? At the rate I was going I probably won't be able to see my parents for years if even ever again. I was even more sure that Lucia would probably kill me before I saw my parents.
         I was so focused on thinking about my parents and what they might be doing right now to try to find me that I nearly missed something important. It took me a couple of moments to realize that the rock I was trying to get to hover was actually steadily floating just a few inches above the ground. I was so startled that I gasped the rock falling back to the floor. Just as the rock clattered on the ground I felt something in the pit of my stomach clench as if something was closing. What was that? I focused my gaze back on the rock searching for that spot that had just closed in my stomach praying that I had finally figured it out. I wanted to jump with joy when I felt a sense of relief from the pit of my stomach. The rock shakily lifted off the ground to hover steadily once again. I couldn't believe after everything I had finally gotten it. I was actually using magic for the first time ever. Now the question is could I actually do what Charlie believes I can do. If I can create a portal to my world I'm going home the first chance I get. When I get there I can at least protect my parents from whatever Charlie tries to send after me.
         With that moment of discovery I ended up staying up all night lifting and moving around that little rock. I even attempted a to lift a few of the furniture in the room. Turned out the heavier something is that harder it is to lift. I broke a pretty big sweat just trying to lift the rug on the floor. I guess this was like any muscle in your body, you have to work to be able to lift heavier weights. By the time the sun was finally coming up I could make the rock dance around the room with ease. I was still practicing when my breakfast was brought up to me. I hadn't even realized how hungry I had become till I smelled the fresh cooked bacon and my stomach let out a loud growl. I was just finishing up eating when the door to my room opened again and Charlie walked in. Without hesitating I sent the rock flying across the room aiming it straight for between his eyes. The rock was nearly a blur as it moved across the room. I was very much disappointed when Charlie moved fast enough to catch the rock in his hand grinning at me the whole time like a kid in a candy shop.
         "I knew Lucia would be able to teach you how to use magic." he said. "She'll be most definitely pleased to be able to progress your training further."
         "In other words so she can torture me further." I sighed.
         "Her methods may be crude but she in the end did get the results that I was hoping for. Now all you have to do is learn how to open the portals." he smirked.
         "Yet I still don't believe you when you say my parents are being watched. For all I know you're just bluffing in hopes that I will continue believing this charade." I pointed out.
         "You willing to take the chance that I might be bluffing? I am many things my dear and I most definitely someone that plans for every scenario." he said leaning in close to me.
         I could feel my hatred for Charlie coiling around in my stomach and in that moment I lashed out at him for the first time. I sent my hand flying across the air trying to just hurt him any way I possibly could. Sure enough he caught me by my wrist still smiling at me. Holding on to my wrist he yanked me out of my chair so that I was standing up a hairs breath between us. I could feel my heart pounding in my chest wanting still to hurt him. The whole time he just smiled down at me as if he knew something I didn't. Having him this close to me made my stomach turn threatening to throw up everything I had just ate. How could someone grow up to become so twisted of a person?
         "Don't forget this one bit of advise. I'm the last person you would want to offend or to do anything against me. I may be nice now but I won't hesitate to punish you no matter how much I need you." he said his smile so cold that it felt like I had just fallen in to a frozen river.
         "Do you mind letting me go." I snapped.
         When Charlie finally released my wrist it was throbbing from how tightly he had been holding it. I could even see traces of new bruises beginning to form around my wrist. I unwillingly began following Charlie as he took me to another lesson with Lucia. I needed to know for sure whether or not my parents are in danger. The sooner I figured that out the sooner I'll be able to get out of here and run as fast as I possibly could from here. All I wanted now was to be home with my parents more than ever and as far from Charlie as I possibly could.

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